Resources I Use To Learn Code

Good evening! Sorry it’s a bit of a late one today. I’ve been busy working on a ticket and sorting out things ready to be the only member of the squad in tomorrow. Yes, with it being half term, and coming towards the end of the annual leave period, I get the honour of going solo! Though it’s not as big a deal when you’re not in the office – my last day at my old job I was the only person in the entire building.

I thought today I would write a quick post about the resources that I regularly use when learning to code. When I first started learning to code I really struggled to figure out where to look for answers to the problems I was running into. And I quickly found that a general Google search just threw hundreds of answers my way. But I didn’t know which ones were relevant. Today I’ll be offering some links for the ones I like to use, and hopefully if any of my readers know of others then they can add them in the comments and I’ll update the post.

Online video tutorials

  • PluralSight – this is a subscription based library of tutorials created on a variety of topics. While it is paid for, if you are an employed developer you may find your employer offers this. You can also get three months free access with Visual Studio account.
  • Youtube – there are so many YouTubers out there who are vlogging and creating tutorials. It is also free (unless you want to avoid ads by buying the Premium service). The best part about YouTube for me is that the diversity means you’ll usually find at least one tutorial you enjoy.

Online forums

  • StackOverflow – this is my personal go-to for queries I have about coding. Now, I do admit I’ve never actually sent a question in; but even if you don’t post your own question you will generally find someone else has asked for you. Just one tip: use the code which is in the solutions not the code in the question.


  • CSharp Corner – this is a personal favourite as I generally work with C# and .Net. The way things are explained really helped break things down for me, especially when I was first learning to use the Blazor framework.
  • W3Schools – now, I have been told in the past that this website can be out of date but I’ve not had any issues with it so far. If I’m in doubt I always double check with other websites just to be sure.

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