Introduction to the MERN Stack

As a new developer, one term which I never understood was the “MERN stack”. A stack, a stack of what? Surprisingly, I was actually given a brief introduction to each element of the stack at bootcamp but I had never made the connection. And by that point in the course I was probably questioning my decision to take up coding at all!

After my hackathon last weekend and voluntarily trying to create a Mongo database, I decided that one of my goals for this year will be to learn the stack. And as this blog is about sharing my experience with you lot reading.

So today’s post is a nice simple one, a brief introduction to what MERN actually stands for:

First off, let’s check out MongoDB. MongoDB is a database which is stored in the cloud. It is non-relational, unlike SQL, and the data is stored in JSON files.

Next we have the Express API. The API acts as a translator between the code and the database.

React, here we go for you frontend fans. ReactJS is a library which is commonly used in the industry today and a great skill to learn if you have a knowledge of vanilla JavaScript.

Following on from the frontend, we have NodeJS for the backend. NodeJS allows developers to write command line tools to execute JavaScript code outside of the browser.

Come back for some more posts about this as I get back to learning!

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