Office vs Remote-First vs 100% Remote

With the end of the UK’s lockdown insight (or at least, we have the roadmap to the end of lockdown), most companies have started to consider how their format will be going forward. The work from home debate has been particularly dominating in tech companies.

Before becoming a software developer, I worked in research. And in the few companies I worked for; I rarely had the opportunity to work from home. I didn’t get a laptop for my first four jobs. In one, I was allowed to work from home two days a week, given I had access to a computer. At a couple of other companies with a work from home policy, the policy was there for when employees didn’t feel well enough to be in the office or had an appointment close to home.

So that was the first few years of my working life. When I started my first software developer job, I met developers who had different opinions on the best working environment. 

And that was a shock to the system.

So what are the options when it comes to working environments?

Office (full time/flex)

Working in an office is the standard package. Companies will rent or own office space and expect employees to work in the office during the workday.


  • Clear visibility of who is working at any time
  • Encourages communication and interaction


Remote first is where a company has an office or meeting space (for example, if it hires a co-working space of some sort). However, there is a focus on remote working. 


  • Companies can hire smaller spaces which will lower costs. 
  • Employees have the option to work from home or go into the office.

100% Remote

If a company decides to go 100% remote, it will forego any office space. Employees can work wherever it is suitable.


  • No cost of renting or owning an office space
  • Freedom for employees to work where they can

Personally, I’m a fan of remote-first, as this gives me the flexibility and the freedom to work in an environment that suits my mood and my tasks for the day. 

Do you have a preference or any stories about your experiences in the workplace? Let me know in the comments!

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