Launch a Social Enterprise: making a start

It’s been a couple of months since I decided I was going to pursue this project, but it feels like it’s starting to become a reality.

The idea came about from the International Women’s Day Hackathon hosted by Th.0. I joined as a solo developer, and an American woman reached out and asked if I wanted to join her team.

I agreed, and as a group of six, we built up an idea for a mentorship and learning platform. It would help career changing women wanting to move into the tech industry.

That was in March.

A couple of months later I reached out to the group again and asked if they would be interested in launching the project as a business. They were thrilled and so enthusiastic to join me.

While entrepreneurship wasn’t something I had planned on, I had always wanted to mentor and support people.

Now it’s June. We have a solid group of three committed to the project. There is a domain, and a mailing list. We’ve also reached out to businesses and mentors to help guide us get started. And wow, there was a lot to think about!

Not that I was expecting things to go easy.

But for now I’m focusing on what I can do. I have bought the domain – HerTechConnect and behind the scenes we’ll carry on building the platform. I’ve decided to host the platform using AWS Amplify as it was super easy to launch, and it has CI/CD set up directly from the GitHub repository.

I’ve also set up a mailing list using Mail Chimp. I’ve never used it before but it seems to be a popular option! This way we can keep people updated of our progress over the next six months as we work on the project.

Finally I set up Google Workspace for emails and storage. We have used each other’s personal Google Drives for storage in the past, but as we need to start finding other people to join our team it’s better to have a central work focused email rather than deciding who’s personal email that we should use.

The rest I will work with other entrepreneurs who can hopefully offer guidance.

Keep your eyes peeled for future updates!

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