SOLID: Acronyms to Code By (Part One)

When I first started coding I joked that I would never understand it because there was so much algebra type code. Then I was introduced to all of the acronyms engineers used to construct their projects and it got even more confusing. So let me break it down for you: Single Responsibility Principle This one […]

Let’s be Friends: the value of mentorship

One thing that I advocate for is the value of mentorship and having a one on one relationship with someone who can help guide you and give you advice. But while saying “get a mentor” is easy, what does it really mean? What is a mentor? An experienced and trusted adviser. My first introduction to […]

What is Second System Syndrome?

I’ll be honest: I had never heard about Second System Syndrome before Thursday. It was the MCR Tech Connect meet up and the first talk was by Filip Banasiak. His talk was on this thing called the Second Systen Syndrome and I really wasn’t sure what he was going to be telling us about! In […]

Work Place Academies: how to onboard new juniors the right way

Academies. Grad bays. Starter squads. They’re becoming more and more popular these days. I’ve seen so many local companies posting about them. What are these training bays? Typically, a company will bring in a fresh-out-of-school grad (and by grad I mean anyone who has not had a coding job before) and set them up in […]

Job Interviews: 3 ways the landscape has changed

You may have heard the news recently. The so-called Great Resignation. But it isn’t just people voluntarily leaving companies for a new role, new responsibilities and a significant pay rise. There is also a rise in redundancies. I’ve been fortunate to not be affected by the latter, but I had an entire squad quit over […]

You’re not *JUST* a… Woman in Tech

It’s true. And I would say it’s true for all of women I know. When I first started interviewing for software developer roles, I remember sitting down with a recruiter and being told “positive discrimination works in your favour”. Yes, he told me that I was pretty much guaranteed the job on the basis of […]

Coding Bootcamp Scam

Over the last few days there has been debate on Twitter around Coding Bootcamps (and if you are interested in listening to one Twitter Space in particular then this one covers a few angles ). While the debate was specifically focused on one US based bootcamp – which will remain unnamed -it was interesting […]

What to expect: AWS Exams at Pearson Vue Testing Centres

What you need to bring You don’t need to bring much. However, you will need two forms of ID: A government issued ID with a photograph. For example a passport An ID with your signature – this one threw me admittedly. However when I rang Pearson Vue I was told this could be something like […]

Jade Kneen: Business Owner

Yes, that’s right. As of yesterday, HerTechConnect Limited, is an active company on Companies House. And I’ll be honest I really expected it to be a lot easier. So what happened? First I made the decision that I did not want to use my personal address for the registration address. There were a few reasons […]

Launching a Social Enterprise: Recruitment

I’m listening to the Hamilton soundtrack to keep me going this afternoon. Musical soundtrack and a glass of wine – what else do I need? Oh yes, I need to write this post before the England match starts! So last time I checked in, I had set up our domain and set up a welcome […]


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